Al-Manara Arabischer Kinderclub


Teaching children the Arabic language and Islamic education for many of the parents of Arabic origins remain an obsession,  because they want their children to relate to their Arab and Islamic  identity. Also through the Arabic language, they learn to read the Qur’an, understand its meanings, and  preserve their Islamic identity. Studies have shown that learning the native languge enhances the child's skills and helps him to learn other languages easily. In public schools in Austria, the state provided the teaching of native languages to children of non-Austrian origins, and among these languages is Arabic.

Thanks to God first and to the administration of the Islamic Center in Vienna that many of the parents have found their way in ALMANARA ," previously called the Saturday School " for their children to learn the Arabic language, as well as the association of children from an early age with the mosque as a place where they learn, play and raise the tolerant Islamic values. Since it starts many students have graduated from this club, some of them are now part of the voluntary group of youth supporting the Islamic Centre.

From April 2020 to date, the study system at Almanara has shifted to distance education using the "ZOOM" program, due to the Corona pandemic and in line with the precautionary measures at the Islamic Center and the official procedures in Austria to protect the society from the outbreak of Covid 19 disease. 

Al-Manara Arabic Club is managed by the Muslim World League Office in Austria.

Target group

Children 6-12 years old.